Focus Areas


The Green Hippo Innovations team has experience and can assist in the following fields:


  • Flood calculations (deterministic, empirical and statistical methods)
  • Risk assessment of flooding and flood line calculations
  • Run-off determination
  • Review of hydraulic structures


Hydraulics Surge 2000 analyses

  •  Pipeline design (structural, hydraulic, components and protection)
  •  Pipeline system optimization using genetic algorithm techniques
  •  Pipeline component design (valves, crotch plates and thrust blocks)
  •  Surge analyses (any scenario and any component)
  •  Pump station design and analyses (pump selection, pump scheduling and layout)
  •  Water distribution system design and analyses (layout, flow scenarios, pipe   classes, hydrant positioning etc.)
  •  Water loss management
  •  Sanitation system design and analyses
  •  Storm water run-of modelling (flood routing, retention ponds, inlet structures)
  •  Free surface flow modelling (complex river systems, steady and unsteady flow,   hydraulic jumps)
  •  Culverts and bridges design and analyses
  • Hydraulic design of spillways
  • Model studies (pump inlets, free surface flow and hydraulic structures)


Asset management / Field investigations / (Pressure measurements)

  • Field investigations to establish the effect of operational variations in pipe systems
  • Flow measurements to establish mass transfer rates
  • Pressure measurements to determine the hydraulic characteristics and loss coefficients


Hydropower development

  • Feasibility studies
  • Hydropower design and construction
  • Conduit hydropower development
  • Low head hydropower
  • Kinetic type hydropower