Software Development


During the last 12 years Green Hippo Innovations have developed various useful software programs. The main aim of the developments were to fill the specific needs of the market.


The Green Hippo Innovations team have years of practical experience and have developed software applications such as:

    • Air valve sizing and location software (Developed for Vent-O-Mat, DFC Water)
      Development of surge software to include the features of the three-stage air valve into the Surge2000 software (University of Kentucky, USA) in cooperation with Dr D Wood.
    • Developed a program for the external loads on buried pipes according to ISO 2978 for AC-Pipes (Pty) Ltd
    • Development of software for the design of GRP pipes according to AWWA C950-95 for VECTUS PIPES
    • Development of software for the determination of surge pressures in simple pipeline system for AC-Pipes (Pty) LtdSS
    • Life cycle costing software for pipelines (ASTPM)
    • Pipeline thrust block design program
    • Water distribution design optimization utilizing genetic algorithms
    • Pipeline optimization utilizing genetic algorithms
    • Simplified free surface flow analysis
  • Culvert analysis software
  • Economic evaluation software
  • Utility Programs for Drainage (UPD)


The team also has excellent experience and knowledge in using:

  • Surge 2000 – Surge analyses software
  • HEC-RAS – River hydraulics modelling
  • EPANET – Water Distribution Modelling


Software to meet your specific need can also be developed. Please contact us to discuss your requirements